Optimize your service with the Agenda

Spend 3 minutes and save many others, thanks to the Agenda and Scheduler of Sengerio.

Video Transcript

Sengerio provides you with two excellent tools for managing your bookings, the Agenda and the Scheduler.

Let’s start from the Agenda. From here, you can have a complete overview of all your hire duties for a precise time frame and you can easily manage your coverage.

You can also filter them to see, for example, only those to which you still have to assign a vehicle.

Hire duties are grouped by start date, and for each day, Sengerio tells you their total.

Those shifts that run from the previous day are hidden, but you can view them by clicking on the closed eye icon.

The colors that you’ve chosen for your bookings or your vehicles are instantly visible at a glance to give them a definite organizational meaning.

Apart from being able to best manage every single booking, you can even combine more than one and create a shared ride for all the customers to travel together in the same vehicle.

Choose bookings whose times overlap at least partially, and drag one onto the other.

Once you’ve allocated your resources, let’s see how to control the status of it.

Using Sengerio Driver, you always know if your drivers have viewed the job they were assigned and any subsequent changes. If they did, the icon next to the name will be a check, otherwise it will be a blue ball.

A similar logic applies for your connected suppliers in Sengerio, for which you can check also the status of the assignment by color:
yellow if pending, black if accepted, and light blue if still to be shared.

However, Sengerio provides you with an internal messaging service with your connected business partners, to keep up-to-date on the details of shared bookings.

You can view the messages received for all the bookings from the icon in the top right.

To see a single conversation relative to a specific booking, you can click on one of the messages from the list or, from the booking, you can click on the balloons icon in the top right.

Schedulers are complementary to the Agenda, from which you can manage and optimize the use of your vehicles and drivers with the help of a graphic view.

For each of your resources, you can easily view all planned commitments until now, represented by segments, whose length is proportional to the duration.

Below, there are all the hire duties that are still uncovered in the selected period.

By clicking on any one, the time frame that it will occupy is shown in green.

This way you can immediately see the available resources and assign the hire duty to one of them simply by dragging it over.

With the same ease, you can rearrange the shifts already assigned, dragging them onto a new resource.

Sengerio let you create groups with which you can subdivide the resources as you wish, to display only a few of them on your scheduler, relative to the currently selected group.

Click on the gear.

Add a group in a second and move the resources you want inside.

Fantastic. Now you know what it takes to use Sengerio’s Agenda and Scheduler!