Invoice your bookings and receive payments

Find out how to issue and invoice for a service and receive payment in just over a minute.

Video Transcript

You get paid every time you provide a service.

Send an invoice to your customers, and they’ll be able to pay directly by credit card.

To make an invoice from the booking list, you must select one booking or more from the same customer, and click Invoice on the menu.

Choose between creating a line for each booking or, if there are many, group them together into one line, and possibly by date or reference.

The system will generate a ready-to-send invoice, automatically filling in all information. However, if necessary you can always edit them.

For example, you can change the order of your billing rows and add one which is not directly linked to bookings, like an unexpected expense. You can also change the invoice expiry date. And save your work.

To allow your customers to pay by credit card, you’ll have to send them a payment request.

And then, send them the invoice.

On the invoice, customers will find the button Pay with card.

Customers will just need to enter the email address they want the receipt to be sent to and the card details, and the payment will be automatically recorded on your invoice.

Perfect. It’s your turn now, invoice your bookings and receive payments from your customers!