Invoice your bookings and receive payments

Find out how to issue and invoice for a service and receive payment in just over a minute.

Video Transcript

In addition to being a generic billing software, Sengerio Invoices is designed to import trips to be invoiced and reflect the invoicing and payment status on them.

From the list of trips, I filter those yet to be invoiced and select the trips to be invoiced.

I choose to invoice two trips from the same customer that I want to include in the same invoice.

I can choose to create aggregate invoice lines for the trips, based on various criteria, but now I choose to generate an invoice line for each individual trip.

Here is the generated invoice, I can either save it directly or make some changes.

After saving the invoice I go to generate and send the document; here I have the option of choosing the language.

The recipient's email address is retrieved from the client's file, or I add it.

I write a text to complement the invoice or to be quicker, I select a canned text.

After sending the document, I can check if the customer has received and opened the invoice from the generated Documents list.

Now, let's now see the invoicing status of the trip I included in the invoice - we can see that it has become invoiced.

You should know that a trip can be fully invoiced by issuing a single invoice or by issuing two or more invoices.

From the payment status, we observe that payment has not yet been made.

I go back to the invoice and record the payment, the amount to be collected is now zero and the trip will show as paid.

The customers can also pay the invoice by credit card using the option included in the document they receive by email.

With the Sengerio Driver App, you have another collection option through drivers and automatic recording of the payment on the invoice.

While with a single click, I can generate statements of overdue and unpaid invoices to send a payment reminder or configure automatic payment reminders.

Sengerio Invoices is completed with robust credit note management and supplier invoices with related payments and statements.

Now it's your turn, by taking full advantage of Sengerio Invoices you will discover much more than I have shown you in this video and move to a new level of organization!