Transport software to manage quotations and bookings
for bus charter services

Spend less time and effort organizing your quotations and bookings. With specialized transport booking and quotation software, this will make
your activities simpler and faster, to get the most with the least effort.

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Create a quotation in an instant

Don’t be distracted. Just a little information to get started. With Sengerio, create a quotation in a matter of seconds and adapt it to the needs of your customer at any time.

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transport booking software

Don’t waste time in the confirmation of your quotations

With Sengerio’s simple transport booking and quotation software, just one click and it automatically creates a booking while keeping all of the information from the quotation.

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Freely choose your route

Define your route in a flexible manner. With Sengerio, add all of the points that you want, insert the address and choose the date and time for each route.

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The best price for every trip

Enter an amount. Add costs or extra charges. Apply discounts and any taxes. Thanks to Sengerio you have all the tools to calculate the best price for your services.

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Automatically duplicate and repeat the bookings

Forget copy and paste. Repeat and duplicate the services worry-free: with a single click, Sengerio creates the new bookings for you.

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Transport booking software

The documents are your business card

Impress your customers. In a moment, send professionally-designed documents. Choose the layout, add your logo and customize the text of the email.

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Manage the trip and improve your services

Follow the various stops of the trip on the map, from pick-up to drop-off. You will have all of the information at your fingertips from analyzing the times to managing any complaints, improving the quality of your service.

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Transport booking software

Other features of Sengerio’s transport booking and quotation software

  • Add a second driver
  • Automatically calculate tax
  • Quotation requests from your website
  • Repeat bookings
  • Profit analysis of the trip
  • Insert notes for the driver
  • Confirmation documents in your customer’s language
  • Send a quotation to a customer with only one click
  • Manage trip extras
  • Detailed passenger list

Tech Talk

“The software simplifies and improves the world of the bus charter.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sengerio compatible with Mac?

Absolutely yes! Sengerio works perfectly on both Mac and PC, and is available online for any type of device.

Can I check the changes made on a booking?

Sengerio provides you with an easy tool to view the entire history of any changes made to a booking from its creation.

Can I add a second driver to the booking?

Certainly. The Sengerio management system for hire duties does not pose any obstacles to the number of drivers you can assign. This applies also to the number of vehicles.

Is there a limit to the amount of stops that I can create on the route?

It does not matter how many stops a trip provides. With Sengerio, you can feel free to create all the bus stops on a given trip that you want.

With this transport booking and quotation software, can I easily manage repetitive services?

Of course you can! Repeat a booking for all the days that you want with a single click.