The management software for bus charter services

With the coach management software Sengerio, managing your quotes and bookings will be child's play! Sengerio will make it quick and simple to manage your trips and coaches, so you can get the best results with the least effort.

Access Sengerio Charters

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Quotation form

Generate a quotation

Whether you've received a request for a quote via Sengerio or by email, you can create and manage bus charter quotations in the blink of an eye. All it takes is a little information about the journey and the type of coach, and the quote is ready to be sent.

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Booking confirmation

Confirm a quotation and create a booking

With the Sengerio bus booking management software, one click is all it takes to automatically create a booking for a new coach trip, while managing all the information contained in the quotation.

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Use rate table in booking

Managing your rate tables has never been easier

It's important to always choose the right price for your booking. With the Sengerio software you can manage your bus hire tariffs and, with just one click, select the most suitable one for the required reservation.

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Draw area for rate table

The best price wherever you go

Define the routes of your transfers or the area of your coach tours on the map. When you place a booking, the bus hire managing software Sengerio selects the correct fare according to the route.

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Rate table customization

Put your rate tables on autopilot

Which and how many elements make up the price? You decide! Customize every aspect of your travel tariff, from the cost per km to the driver's hourly rate; the software Sengerio will calculate the total price of your trip based on the details of your booking.

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Rate table applicability

The best price for every client

Do you have special relationships with some of your customers? Generate specific rates for one or more of your customers, or apply a personalized discount to a common rate. With the coach rental software Sengerio, this is easy and immediate.

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Rate table supplements

Adding extras to the rate table is quick and easy.

Traveling at night or on holidays can cost more. Automatically manage surcharges for time slots or special days in the rate table itself and Sengerio will calculate the price of your trip taking into account the surcharges applied.

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Booking document

Documents are your business card

Impress your customers! Send professional coach rental quotations, booking or invoice documents in your customer's language in a flash. Choose the layout, add your logo and customize the email text.

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Repeat booking UI

Automatically duplicate and repeat bookings

Forget about copy and paste. Repeat and duplicate services without any worries. With just one click, the management software Sengerio creates new bus rental bookings for you.

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Booking profits graph

Analyze your coach rental profit

How much profit are you generating with your coaches? With the Booking Dashboard you can see exactly how your business is performing and you can compare your results with those of previous years.

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Supplier profits graph

Keep track of relevant information

Send the trip reminder to the passenger and track all stages of the trip, from pick-up to drop-off. You will be able to analyze all the information about the execution of the trip in order to further improve the quality of your bus rental services.

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Other features of Sengerio’s transport booking and quotation software

Add a second driver

Automatically calculate tax

Sengerio's quote request form for your website

Repeat bookings for bus travels

Profit analysis of the trip for coach Transfer and Tour

Insert notes for the driver

Send a quotation to a customer with only one click

Confirmation documents in your customer’s language

Manage extra travel expenses

Detailed passenger list

Prices by section

Define the areas for your rate tables

Automatic calculation of additional charges

Specific rates by coach type

Apply discounts and supplements

Definition of the minimum price

Cost Management

Manage rates per passenger

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Tech Talk

“The software simplifies and improves the world of the bus charter.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sengerio compatible with Mac?

Absolutely yes! Sengerio works perfectly on both Mac and PC, and is available online for any type of device.

Can I check the changes made on a booking?

The software Sengerio provides you with an easy tool to view the entire history of any changes made to a booking from its creation.

Can I add a second driver to the booking?

Certainly. The Sengerio management system for hire duties does not pose any limits to the number of drivers you can assign. This applies also to the number of vehicles.

Is there a limit to the amount of stops that I can create on the route?

It does not matter how many stops a trip provides. With Sengerio, you can feel free to create all the bus stops on a given trip that you want.

With this transport booking and quotation software, can I easily manage repetitive services?

Of course you can! With the software Sengerio you can repeat a booking for all the days that you want with a single click.

Can I set up transfer rates?

Obviously. All you have to do is choose your departure and arrival on the map and specify the appropriate price for the bus types to which the rate table applies.

Can I configure the rates for tours?

Certainly. With Sengerio you have software that allows you to define all the elements that contribute to determining the price of your bus tours, such as the hourly rate of the driver or guide, and you can differentiate between half-day, daily or multi-day tours.

Does Sengerio provide reserved rates for customers?

Yes, you are free to reserve any rate table for one or more of your customers and, for each of them, you can decide whether to apply special discounts or not.

How can Sengerio help me manage night or holiday supplements?

An important feature of Sengerio’s transport rate tables is that it is possible to specify in a simple and detailed way the hourly supplement per week or for special days of your choice.

Can I manage rates for a geographic area?

Of course you can. Draw all the areas you want in the map and use them as zones of interest for your rate tables to define the departure and arrival of the transfer or the tour area.