Create and cover a booking

It takes only 2 minutes to get suggestions and to know the tips for managing bookings and their coverage.

Video Transcript

Let’s see how to create and cover a booking.

First, from the list of bookings, insert a new one.

Indicate the customer, expected number of passengers, vehicle type, travel type.

Set the route points of the route with the respective date and time.

Then click on the prices section, choose a price and go ahead..

From the show rate table button, you can open your list of precompiled rate tables and select one if you have.

You can edit information or add new ones when you want, for example: add parking expenses and Sengerio will update all the totals.

It is a good idea to save the work done so far, you can modify whatever information later.

Proceed to cover this booking. To do so, Sengerio provides you with 3 ways and you can always choose the one that best suits your needs.

If, for example, you want to assign your resources directly to a booking, access to the Operative tab.

Use the vehicle icon, and select one of those that Sengerio found available.

Likewise, use the person’s icon, and choose the driver.

If you need a broader overview to organize duties, use the Agenda and assign the resources as before, using the same icons.

As a third option, to see at a glance how your resources are currently organized and optimize them better, you can take advantage of the graphic view of the driver or vehicle scheduler.

In the scheduler, the assignments are represented by segments of length proportional to the duration.

In all cases, inside the booking you will have an intuitive overview of the assigned resources at your disposal.

You can enter the route and dates of an additional section, and define the beginning and end of the duties.

In this way, you get the flexibility to cover each duty with different resources.

Perfect. Now it’s your turn, create your bookings and cover the duties!