Create and confirm a quotation

Creating quotations quickly is important, managing and confirming them easily even more so.
In less than 2 minutes, you can learn how to do it.

Video Transcript

Now let’s see how we create a quotation, send it to a customer and confirm it.

From the list of quotations, create a new one.

To start, we must fill in customer field, expected number of passengers, vehicle type, travel type, departure and arrival locations including dates.

Then click on the prices section, choose a price and go ahead.

From the show rate table button, you can open your list of precompiled rate tables and select one if you have.

You can edit informations or add new ones when you want, for example: add parking expenses and Sengerio will update all the totals.

At this point, save the quotation.

You can create more than one quote for the same trip and, from the list of quotations, you can send a single document to your customers that shows the alternatives.

Select the quotations and click recap.

If necessary, change the language.

Before you send the document, check the preview: you’ll see that it shows all the informations of the quotations, including the different prices.

As soon as one quotation is accepted, select confirm booking from the burger menù.

Excellent. Now it’s your turn!

Create quotations for your customers and confirm their bookings.