Video guide passenger transport software | Suggerimenti e trucchi


My name is Andrea and I am here to show you some short videos that will let you get to know and take advantage of Sengerio’s features.

Explore Sengerio

Take 1 minute to explore the main features of Sengerio.

Create and confirm a quotation

Creating quotations quickly is important, managing and confirming them easily even more so. In less than 2 minutes, you can learn how to do it.

Optimize your services with the Agenda

Spend 3 minutes and save many others, thanks to the Agenda and Scheduler of Sengerio.

Create and cover a booking

It takes only 2 minutes to get suggestions and to know the tips for managing bookings and their coverage.

Manage your resources

Learn what you need to begin to make use your resources in this 90 second video

Invoice and receive payments

Find out how to issue and invoice a service and receive payment in just over a minute.

All the features of the vehicle

Only 2 minutes are required to know the features that Sengerio offers you for your vehicles.

Manage your network of suppliers

Only 2 minutes and you will learn how to optimize cooperation with your suppliers through Sengerio.

Configure a rate table

Learn to use Sengerio’s rate tables in just 3 minutes, and save lot of time later.

Use Sengerio Driver

Learn everything you need to get the most out of Sengerio Driver in just 3 minutes.