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Expand your business without obstacles. Trust the tools that Sengerio offers you to focus on improving your services and reaching new heights in the transport business. Nothing will be like before.

Is Sengerio the right software for you?

Congratulations, your business is going well. You’ve built a company that works and you should be proud of it.

But there are so many commitments. Every customer must be satisfied, but productivity can drop from time to time and communications with drivers, customers, and suppliers may be difficult. Everyone counts on you and you cannot afford to make a mistake.

You have a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Reduce the stress and grow your business

Imagine having unique software to manage all the activities your business needs.

Think about how easy it would be to make your bookings fast and flexible, then manage every driver and every vehicle with simple-to-use tools. Imagine, then, to be able to communicate any change to your drivers or suppliers instantly, without having to go looking for the phone number in the stress of the last moment.

All this is already possible, using Sengerio.

Sengerio agenda Stress free software

To improve business, you need a solid foundation

Expanding your boundaries and expanding your business is always possible. But the company is growing and the foundation on which it rests must be stronger. When the bases are not robust enough, a small obstacle is enough to trigger a much bigger problem.

Sengerio is designed to provide you with the tools to build a solid company, starting from the foundation up to the highest points. Managing your bookings becomes incredibly easy, in addition to instantaneous internal and external communication. And you can see the benefits that Sengerio brings to your profit thanks to intuitive and up-to-date graphics.

Choose the product that meets your needs

We want to improve your work and make you succeed. And make life simpler, why not?

Sengerio has been specifically designed to meet the needs of your company

Manage your rates easily and forget the calculations you make on those huge tables to look for the price of a trip. Schedule the services from Sengerio’s Agenda which calculates the availability of vehicles and drivers at your place. Make payment with credit card and issue invoices in a snap of fingers. Do not forget to create a personal network of business partners to expand your boundaries.

Are you ready to use Sengerio?

If you’re still immersed in Excel documents or if many of the programs you use to handle the various aspects of your business confuse you, then it’s time to try Sengerio.

Sengerio wants to improve your work and make you succeed

Join many other companies who have already figured out what is the best software for their passenger transport company.

Some powerful features of Sengerio for the bus companies

Create your quotes and bookings

Analysis of business performance

Schedule your work with the Agenda

Complete management of your resources

Communicate with drivers and suppliers

Easily invoice your bookings

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