Sengerio service terms

1. Relation with Allbus

To benefit of the services of Sengerio (“services”), the User must accept these terms. The services are provided by Allbus S.r.l. (“Allbus”) with registered office in Viale Sardegna 14/C, Siena, 53100, Italy. Subsequent (if any) addendums to the terms are to be considered an integral part of these Allbus service terms. Should the former terms be in contradiction with those added at a later stage, the addendums will have precedence.

These terms can only be accepted by subjects who are eligible by law, according to the following procedure:

  1. using the user interface accept option
  2. by using the services, the User acknowledging hereby that Allbus considers use of the services a formal acceptance of the terms

2. Service aims and provision

Allbus provides the services for management software purposes related to the social network enterprise and with the characteristics featured in the online version. In order to allow Allbus to guarantee the continuous innovation of its services, the User accepts that the form and nature of the services may be changed without need of fore-notice.

The User accepts that, should Allbus disable the User’s account with a fore-notice of seven days, the User will not be granted access to the services and contents of his/her account.

The User accepts that Allbus has the right to disable accounts that have been inoperative for a prolonged period or that at any rate have been for at least ninety days.

Though a limit time is not established for information of Users with access to the services to be kept in the database, the User accepts that Allbus reserves the right to introduce such limits in the future.

3. Service use by customer

The User accepts to use the services only for aims that are allowed by these service terms and by the version available online.

The User accepts not to attempt accessing the services through any means other than the interface supplied by Allbus, unless specifically authorized to do so in writing by Allbus.

The User accepts not to reproduce, copy or sell the services, unless specifically authorized to do so in writing by Allbus.

The User cannot interfere with or interrupt the service or breach any whatsoever law or applicable regulation.

4. Customer password security

The User accepts to store the passwords linked to any account used to access the services under his/her full responsibility and is accountable to Allbus for all activities that are carried out on his/her account.

The User agrees to hold Allbus harmless of any prejudice caused to itself or third parties by unauthorized use, including by third users, of the User’s passwords.

5. Privacy

The User grants consent to process his/her personal details in compliance with the privacy policy enforced by Allbus. The User can read the privacy policy at this address.

With reference to the processing by Allbus of personal data of third parties from which its cloud services’ client is the Data Controller and from the latter entered and in any case processed in the use of cloud services provided by Allbus, pursuant to the General Regulations for Personal Data Protection n. 619/2016 (“GDPR”), the Client appoints ALLBUS as Data Processor.

6. Copyright protection

Allbus grants the customer a personal, non-transferrable and non-exclusive license to use the software as part of the services. The sole and exclusive purpose of this license is use of the services.

The User acknowledges that the services and all software used in relation to the services are protected by intellectual property laws and the User cannot copy or attempt to discover any source code, transfer, sell, sublicense, or transfer to others any right on the service-related software, unless specifically authorized in writing by Allbus.

7. Service duration

The User can use the services for the time established for purchased services.

The User can use the free service versions indefinitely if the services are not suspended in the meantime or if the account is disabled by Allbus as it is freely and unchallengeably entitled to do, provided it submit fore-notice of seven days.

The User accepts that Allbus can suspend free accounts at any time with fore-notice of seven days in advance.

Allbus can terminate this agreement at any time, without prejudice thereby to any of its other rights, if the User does not abide by the Allbus service terms

8. Service fee

The service fee is necessarily variable, because the User has the right to choose the type and the quantity of licenses made available by Allbus to configure the best solution with regard to his/her specific requirements.

As such, in calculating the fee, reference is made to the fee plan applied to services chosen by the User when compiling the order form.

The User is not entitled to any reimbursement for un-enjoyed service periods, this fee share related to un-enjoyed services being considered as termination fine.

9. Warranty exclusion

Allbus provides the services “AS THEY ARE AND WITH POSSIBLE FLAWS” and does not provide any warranty cover, explicit or implicit, including any satisfactory warranty, purpose suitability, or compliance with the description.

No part of these terms will affect those rights granted by law to which the User is a rightful claimant and that he/she cannot agree to or waiver.

10. Liability limit

For the structure of the application services provided, Allbus is not held accountable for the fact or failure of its contractors, other users of the data transmission lines or networks used, or the fact or failure of its own or others’ suppliers, committing itself solely to concede to the User, at the request of the latter, any action or rights against them in the best interests of the User.

The provision of the integration of external services does not constitute a guarantee on the part of Allbus of the integrated external services.

Allbus is not held responsible for the fact of or failure of the external service providers.

Allbus and its licensees are not liable toward the User for any profit loss that occurs directly or indirectly, any data loss suffered by the User, any change or temporary or permanent suspension that Allbus may decide to service provisions.

Allbus’ limited liability toward the User will apply both if the User has or has not been informed, of the possibility of any loss.

11. Disclaimer

The User accepts to hold Allbus, its representatives, its employees as well as any of its partners harmless of any obligation to compensate damages, including legal expenses that may arise from use of the services by the User.

12. Term modifications

Allbus may modify the terms and the User accepts that if he/she uses the services after the date the terms have been changed, Allbus will consider use of the services as formal acceptance by the User of the new terms.

13. Correspondence

The User accepts that Allbus can submit correspondence by e-mail, letter mail or online posting/sending through the provided services.

14. Language of terms

If an English translation of the terms is provided, the User nonetheless accepts that the translation is only provided for his/her commodity and that the Italian version will be the one that will regulate relations with Allbus.

If there are contradictions between the terms set out in the Italian version and those in the English translation, the Italian version will apply in all cases.

15. Applicable law and Competent Court

These terms are regulated by Italian Law, Italian legislation and the sole competent court is the Court of Siena (Italy).

16. Miscellaneous

Should any provision of these terms be considered invalid, it will be removed and the remaining terms will continue to be valid and enforceable.

The User accepts these terms as sole agreement, even as modification and replacement of any previous agreements entered, written and verbal.