The transportation scheduling software for the coverage of bus services

It has never been this easy to manage the coverage of service duties. Sengerio lets you communicate with your drivers and suppliers in real time. You will always be in control and will work with extreme simplicity.

Access Sengerio Scheduler

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Example of scheduler view

Scheduling vehicles, drivers and assistants has never been this easy

Use the scheduler of the drivers and of the vehicles. See at a glance who is available and assign each service with a simple drag & drop

Example of agenda view

Optimize services with the Agenda

Thanks to the Agenda, you have a complete panorama of all of your available shifts to easily organize their cover. Select the date and organize the services whilst keeping all the details under control.

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Vehicles availability window

Assign vehicles with your eyes closed

Stop calculating all of the commitments of your vehicles in your head. With the capacity verification and the automatic calculation of availability, you always assign the right one.

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Conversation with a supplier

Easily assign a service to a supplier

Take every opportunity. If you do not have available resources, pass it on to your supplier and follow the progress with Sengerio’s Messages. Stop getting lost between emails and phone calls.

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Check the status of the dispatched documents

Inform all of the drivers with one stroke

Stop wasting time. From Sengerio, communicate with your drivers with the app or by email and check whether the message has been received using the read receipt. In any case, you can always print the service sheets.

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Organize your resources in groups

Keep your resources organized

When you have many drivers and vehicles, it is important to keep them organized. Create groups and subdivide the resources as you wish, in a way to always know where to find them in a blink of the eye.

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Other features to optimize your assignments

Availability automatically calculated

Management of shared hire

Grouping of resources

Easily modify service duties

Graphic view of commitments

Real time communication

Intuitive distribution of work


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a vehicle is available?

With Sengerio’s transportation scheduling software, you don’t have to worry about this. At the time of assignment, you will only be shown the vehicles available for the entire duration of the service in question, and the same is true for drivers.

How do I manage a trip with two drivers?

Simple. You can add a second driver to the booking with a click without changing anything in the management. This may be applied especially to trips where the driver is expected to complete only a part of the journey.

How can I be sure that my drivers see their shifts?

Thanks to Sengerio’s intuitive system that confirms if something has been read, you always know if your drivers have seen the details of the trips. Additionally, when you send the service sheets by email, you can track their receipt and opening status.

Can I substitute a vehicle already assigned?

Obviously. Sengerio’s transportation scheduling software lets you substitute a vehicle in a second simply by assigning another available vehicle to the trip.

Apart from the drivers, can I also manage guides and assistants?

Certainly! Add guides and assistants in a simple manner to any trip, and organize them in the same way as the drivers.