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Organising your drivers and vehicles couldn't be any quicker

Scheduling passenger transport services efficiently and effectively demands dedicated software tools.

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Optimise resource utlisation with ease

Sengerio makes checking availability and assigning drivers and vehicles so simple you'll be able to focus your attention on optimising your operations instead.

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Establish driver and vehicle availability immediately

  • See vehicle availability at a glance
  • View available drivers for each service instantly
  • Access key operational information to improve decision-making

Manage resources with a simple drag and drop interface

  • Allocate the most appropriate driver and vehicle for each service
  • Ensure the right selection with automatic capacity verification
  • Assign services to a third-party supplier when required

Communicate directly with drivers in real time

  • Send operational documents directly to drivers
  • See when drivers have opened the dispatch email
  • Integrate communications seamlessly with the Driver app

Assess the entire service schedule at a glance

  • Visualise resource schedule status with a colour-coded display
  • Update jobs by simply dragging from one resource to another
  • Replace drivers directly within the interactive agenda

Other features to optimize the assignments of your bus charters and line services

Availability automatically calculated

Management of shared hire

Grouping of resources

Easily modify service duties

Graphic view of commitments

Real time communication

Intuitive distribution of work

Bus of Asia C.

Asia C.
Sales Manager, Mountain Goat Tours

Before we started using Sengerio we were using a very old fashioned system, our lives have been so much easily & more sufficient since using the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a bus is available?

With Sengerio’s transportation scheduling software, you will know immediately which coaches are free. At the time of assignment, you will only be shown the vehicles available for the entire duration of the service in question, and the same is true for drivers.

How do I manage a trip with two drivers?

Simple. You can add a second driver to the booking with a click without changing anything in the management. This may be applied especially to trips where the driver is expected to complete only a part of the journey.

How can I be sure that my drivers see their shifts?

Thanks to Sengerio’s intuitive system that confirms if something has been read, you always know if your drivers have seen the details of the trips. Additionally, when you send the service sheets by email, you can track their receipt and opening status.

Can I substitute a bus already assigned?

Obviously. Sengerio’s transportation scheduling software lets you substitute a vehicle in a second simply by assigning another available vehicle to the trip.

Apart from the drivers, can I also manage guides and assistants?

Certainly! Add guides and assistants in a simple manner to any trip, and organize them in the same way as the drivers.