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Managing your team professionally couldn't be any easier

Human resource management needs a centralised information system and tools to automate manual processes.

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Digitise the way you manage staff

Sengerio makes managing your people and the work they do so simple you'll be able to turn your attention to improving their performance.

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Simplify employee information management

  • Keep all employee master data in one place
  • Attach digitised documents to the employee file
  • View information related to each employee at a glance

Automate manual and paper-based tasks

  • Receive leave requests digitally and accept or reject with a simple click
  • Keep driver licence, identity card and visa deadlines under control
  • Automatically block drivers whose documentation has expired

Maintain complete employee oversight in one system

  • Create a full work history for each driver and assistant
  • Keep track of all employee activities and absences
  • Archive documents digitally for immediate access

Control every aspect of people management with ease

  • Understand how many hours each driver worked and on which service
  • See detailed reports of all absences directly in the employee file
  • Receive reminders about pending expiration deadlines

Other features for personnel management

Notice board for employees

Repetitive due dates

Easy deactivation of an expiration

Notifications in advance

List of driver documents

Attachments to the driver

Management of on hands and other activities

Kate B. and her bus

Kate B.
Manager, Mountain Goat

Great. Easy to see driver allocations and hours for the day and weeks ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to import my employees from an Excel sheet?

Certainly. Sengerio allows you to upload an Excel file and, with a few clicks, have your staff already entered along with all the data. You will not risk losing any information.

Does Sengerio allow me to have an archive of the documents of each driver?

With Sengerio, you have a way to enter all the documents and contracts you want for each driver. You can also upload all the necessary attachments to have your digital archive always available.

Can I keep track of an employee's absences?

Obviously! Thanks to Sengerio, you can record and view the absences of each employee from his personal record. But not only that, every vacation request that you accept is automatically recorded in the absences, and you have detailed reports on absences and activities at your disposal.

Where can I record the expiration of a driver's document?

Sengerio helps you to keep everything in order. Each due date is recorded together with the relevant document, inside your driver's form. Sengerio improves personnel management in every aspect.

Does Sengerio warn me before an expiration?

From 30 days before the expiration date, Sengerio shows you a notification within the program. You will have plenty of time to take care of it without the worry of being late.

Is it possible to put a block on the driver who has an expired license?

Yes, of course! With Sengerio, you can mark any due date that is essential to travel in good standing as blocking.

Can I set up repetitive due dates?

You don't have to lose precious time re-entering deadlines every time that always repeat themselves at regular intervals. Use the repetition function designed by Sengerio and everything will be automatic.