The line planning software for transport companies

Sengerio is the perfect solution for managing and planning lines. Empower the organization of your lines in no time thanks to an array of features offered by Sengerio.

Access Sengerio Lines
Lines list

Effortlessly create new lines

Improve the organization of your lines with our line planning software for transport companies. Sengerio supplies you with a clear overview of all your lines and allows you to create a new one in seconds.

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Journey list

Manage many templates for the same line

Do your lines have many types of journeys? With Sengerio you can create a template for each type of journey and apply the details to your preferences.

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Journey planner

Plan journeys with a click

The length of the period to plan is not an issue. Once a template is selected, specify a start and end date and with a click of a button plan the entire period.

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Assign resources to the journeys

Cover journeys in bulk

Covering journeys has never been so simple. With Sengerio, you can assign the same vehicle and driver to all the journeys for which they are available in one simple operation.

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Additional features for the management of lines

Add a second driver

A detailed passenger list

Integration with the Sengerio Booking app to automatically manage passengers

The possibility to individually modify journeys of a line


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sengerio improve the management of my passengers?

Absolutely. You can insert all the passenger details for every journey. In addition, if used together with the Sengerio Booking app, when a passenger books their seat on one of your services, their information is automatically updated onto the system.

Can I easily plan a journey for an entire month if it only occupies a couple of days of the week?

Certainly! For each template you can easily specify the days of the week that a journey must operate. When this template is planned, the journeys will automatically be applied to the specified days.

Is it possible to assign more than one driver to the same journey?

Of course. Sengerio’s line planning software for transport companies allows you to manage all the drivers and vehicles that you want, without any limitations.

For a single line I have two journeys that are very similar, do I have to insert both of them manually?

No this isn’t necessary. You can simply insert one of the journeys and then duplicate it whilst modifying the little information that differs from the original.