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Managing scheduled journeys doesn't get any better

Planning new lines and organising regular passenger transport services needs a fully connected system.

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Save time managing transportation lines

Sengerio makes planning and managing private and public transportation lines so simple you'll be able to streamline your entire operation.

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Get new lines set up and operational in a few minutes

  • Create new school, public and private transportation lines
  • Add contractual start and end dates with a simple click
  • Creating models for journey with their frequency

Manage resources with an easy to use interface

  • View available vehicles and drivers for each line instantly
  • Allocate the most appropriate driver and vehicle for each journey
  • Appoint drivers and vehicles to multiple journeys with a single operation

Keep contract operations running smoothly

  • Modify an individual journey for existing lines
  • Update the days of the week a journey operates
  • Assign additional drivers to a journey when required

Analysing all services performed in order to compare them with those provided for in the contract.

  • Summary of the service actually performed via the list of driver activities
  • Drivers used to carry out the services
  • Vehicles used to carry out the journeys

Additional features for the management of lines

Add a second driver

A detailed passenger list

The possibility to individually modify journeys of a line

Jane W. and her bus

Jane W.
Bus operator, Laguna Coach Travel

Sengerio on a whole is a simple programme to use and if you should need assistance Sengerio team are very helpful. Easy to use layout and are always updating the programme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I easily plan a journey for an entire month if it only occupies a couple of days of the week?

Certainly! For each template you can easily specify the days of the week that a journey must operate. When this template is planned, the journeys will automatically be applied to the specified days.

Is it possible to assign more than one driver to the same journey?

Of course. Sengerio’s line planning software for transport companies allows you to manage all the drivers and vehicles that you want, without any limitations.

For a single line I have two journeys that are very similar, do I have to insert both of them manually?

No this isn’t necessary. You can simply insert one of the journeys and then duplicate it whilst modifying the little information that differs from the original.