The software to invoice transportation services
and save you time

With Sengerio’s fantastic invoicing software, you will see how easy it is to issue your invoices
and be impressed by the speed with which you will receive your payments.

Access Sengerio Invoices

Invoice the bookings directly

With Sengerio, you don’t waste time writing your bills by hand. Automatically invoice transportation services. Choose all the bookings you want, and with just one click, you will automatically issue invoices already filled out.

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invoice transportation services - Invoice the bookings directly
invoice transportation services - Keep track of the sent invoice

Keep track of the sent invoice

Sengerio helps you best manage your relationship with your customer. Personalize the invoices with your logo, send professional documents and always know when your customer has received and opened the invoice email.

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Your statements are always updated

Stay focused on your business and let Sengerio do the bills for you. Select the period that you want and with a click, check the paid or unpaid amounts of your customers.

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invoice transportation services - Your statements always updated
invoice transportation services - Better manage customers who pay late

Manage late-paying customers better

Late payments will no longer be one of your problems. Sengerio works for you and automatically sends reminders to retrieve unpaid fees.

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Other tools to simplify the invoicing

  • Preview document before sending
  • Request online payments
  • Group bookings
  • Customize due date
  • Pro forma invoices
  • Choice of language
  • Management of cancellations
  • Recording invoices received

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sengerio help me manage the parallel numbering for the invoices?

Absolutely. You’re free to choose the numbering that you want for the current year, including a customized prefix or suffix, which will be visible on your invoices.

Can I create my invoices in other languages?

Certainly! Just choose the language that your customer prefers so that Sengerio generates the translated invoice document.

how does Sengerio allow me to invoice transportation services and make this process easier?

The invoicing process is fully automated. It makes no difference whether it’s a single booking or many. In the latter case, if necessary, choose the system you want to group them to issue a concise invoice in seconds.

Can I issue invoices independent from the bookings?

Certainly. You can create invoices completely from scratch and add all the rows that you need. Sengerio will continue to calculate the tax and total for you.

I have two companies. Can I issue the invoices from the same Sengerio account?

With Sengerio you can. Register an alias for the second company with the necessary information. For each customer, you can specify whether to use the information from one company or the other. This is also true for the quotations and booking confirmations.