Professional fleet management software for the complete
oversight of your vehicles

Whether you are dealing with performed activities, maintenance, or the organization of data,
Sengerio lets you keep control of all the various aspects of your vehicles.

Start managing your fleet

Every aspect of the vehicle always in order

With Sengerio’s fleet management software, you can record everything you need, from maintenance and vehicle down times to fines and accidents. Always in a simple way and with the ability to insert the necessary attachments.

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Fleet management software
fleet management software - Do not miss even one day’s work

Do not miss even one day’s work

Do you want to know exactly how much work your vehicles have done? Sengerio helps you with its dedicated and easy-to-read reports.

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Keep your fleet at its best

Create your own quality standard. You decide what the inspections are to be done to your vehicles before and after the trip.

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fleet management software - Keep your fleet at his best
fleet management software - Simplify the work of your drivers

Simplify the work of your drivers

Enough with the modules and paperwork. With Sengerio Driver, you just need a finger to record the results of all the checks during the inspection and attach the necessary photos.

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Prevent problems immediately

Take care of your vehicles. With Sengerio, you immediately know the results of each inspection and, if something isn’t right, you can solve it immediately.

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fleet management software - Prevent problems immediately

Other features to manage your fleet

  • Complete registry
  • Maintenance Registry
  • Manage penalties and fines
  • Calculate the cost of an accident
  • Associate a vehicle to the supplier
  • Upload photos during inspections
  • Pre-defined driver for vehicles
  • Inserting vehicle down times

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I record the insurance and road tax due dates?

With Sengerio’s fleet management software, you maintain everything in perfect order. Every due date is recorded together with its relevant document, inside the tab of your vehicle.

Does Sengerio help me keep a record of my documents?

Attach any document you want in electronic format and Sengerio will keep it safe in the cloud. You can create your own digital archive for each vehicle and consult it whenever you want.

Does Sengerio allow me to import my vehicles from Excel?

Of course it can! You can avoid losing your mind by entering all the data manually. Save valuable time, upload your Excel file with a click and Sengerio will do the rest for you.

Can I record refuelings?

Certainly! Both you and your drivers can easily record all the refuelings made by any vehicle. If your company owns tanks, you can also keep your inventory under control thanks to Sengerio’s automatic update.

Can I keep track of maintenance?

Absolutely! You can enter all the completed maintenance in an instant and keep them as a diary for each vehicle. You also have the possibility to attach all of the necessary documents to each.