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Managing your vehicles effectively couldn't be any simpler

Professional fleet management today needs a dedicated software system with powerful automation tools.

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Digitise every aspect of fleet management

Sengerio makes controlling your vehicles and the associated activities so easy you'll be able to focus on driving up operational efficiency.

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Simplify vehicle information management

  • Keep all vehicle master data in one place
  • Attach digitised documents to the vehicle file
  • View information related to each vehicle at a glance

Automate manual and paper-based tasks

  • Keep servicing, insurance and road tax deadlines under control
  • Decide what vehicle inspections need to take place and when
  • Perform checks and upload photos using a smartphone

Maintain complete vehicle oversight in one system

  • Create a full maintenance history for each vehicle
  • Manage fuel purchases and fuel tank inventory
  • Keep track of all accidents, penalties and fines

Control every aspect of fleet operations with ease

  • Understand how many days each vehicle has been in service
  • See the results for each inspection onscreen immediately
  • Receive reminders about pending expiration deadlines

Other features to manage your fleet

Manage penalties and fines

Calculate the cost of an accident

Associate a vehicle to the supplier

Upload photos during inspections

Driver pre-assigned to the vehicle

Inserting vehicle down times

Deadlines blocking the allocation of vehicles

Repetitive expirations

Easy deactivation of an expiration date

Advance notifications

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Reliability, timeliness in responses, fair price, flexibility of the system and capacity to adapt it to customer needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I record the insurance and road tax due dates?

With Sengerio’s fleet management software, you maintain everything in perfect order. Every due date is recorded together with its relevant document, inside the tab of your vehicle.

Does Sengerio help me keep a record of my documents?

Attach any document you want in electronic format and Sengerio will keep it safe in the cloud. You can create your own digital archive for each vehicle and consult it whenever you want.

Does Sengerio allow me to import my vehicles from Excel?

Of course it can! You can avoid losing your mind by entering all the data manually. Save valuable time, upload your Excel file with a click and Sengerio will do the rest for you.

Can I record refuelings?

Certainly! Both you and your drivers can easily record all the refuelings made by any vehicle. If your company owns tanks, you can also keep your inventory under control thanks to Sengerio’s automatic update.

Can I keep track of maintenance?

Absolutely! You can enter all the completed maintenance in an instant and keep them as a diary for each vehicle. You also have the possibility to attach all of the necessary documents to each.

Which vehicle’s due dates can I handle?

Sengerio’ transportation software to manage expiration dates offers you the utmost freedom. Whether it’s insurance, servicing, or any other expiration you have to remember. Nothing will be forgotten anymore.

Will Sengerio alert me before a due date?

Of course. From 30 days before the due date, Sengerio will show you a notification within the Vehicle and Human Resources deadline. This way, you have all the time to take care of them without having to worry about being late.

Can you block a vehicle that has expired insurance?

Certainly you can! Sengerio lets you block a vehicle from being assigned to a trip if its insurance has expired. The same is true for the documents of the drivers.

Can I configure repetitive due dates?

Some due dates repeat at regular intervals. You can avoid losing time re-entering the information each time and start to use the repeat function designed by Sengerio.