The driver App that lets you have direct connection
with your drivers

Stop wasting paper. With the Sengerio driver App, communication with your drivers will become clear and immediate wherever they are, without unnecessary loss of time. You will not be able to do it otherwise.

Access Sengerio Driver App

The driver always knows what to do

Assign the services and your drivers see their own commitments on Sengerio Driver, the web app that completes your experience on Sengerio with the functionality of real-time communication between you and the drivers.

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Driver app- The driver always knows what to do

Avoid communication problems

Do you want to make changes without fear of being ignored? With Sengerio, you are calm. Your drivers always know updates to their duties and you know if they have seen the updates or not.

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Refuelings always under control

You are sitting in your office without moving a finger, letting your drivers directly record all of the refuelings made, through Sengerio.

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driver app - Refuelings always under control
driver app - Information of the completed trip

Information of the completed trip

With Sengerio, you have all of the information of the trip available. The driver directly records the actual hours of the duty and the mileage on his smartphone, without you having to wait.

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Documents always at hand

Attach documents at any time to the booking. Whether it is a detail of the tour or a welcome sign for your customer, thanks to Sengerio it is always available to your driver.

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driver app - Documents always at hand
driver app- Don’t leave your customer alone

Don’t leave your customer alone

Offer better service to your customers. Thanks to the integration between Twilio and Sengerio, when the driver arrives at the pick-up site, the customer receives an SMS with his location and contact and can leave in peace.

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Follow the stages of your trips

Simplify the life of your drivers. With Sengerio Driver, they can track the position and schedule of the various phases of the trip and communicate them to you in an easy and immediate way.

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Driver app - Follow the stages of your trips

Other useful tools for your drivers

  • Compatibility with every device
  • Ready without installation
  • Automatically send sms to the customer
  • Photograph receipts
  • Always up-to-date information
  • Weekly view of commitments
  • Communication of actual presence
  • Detail of passenger list

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the driver’s app do?

Sengerio Driver is the web app that permit rapid and simple communication between you and your drivers. Using it, they can read the services to do, enter the expense and refuelings, and much more.

How does the driver connect to Sengerio?

Simple. You decide which of your drivers to grant access to Sengerio Driver. They only have to log-in to Sengerio with the access credentials automatically received by email.

From which devices is Sengerio accessible?

If you have a smartphone, Android, iPhone, tablet or computer, you can always access your Sengerio account. In fact, no installation is required and all that you need is an internet connection.

How are credit card payments accepted on board?

The integration of Sengerio with Stripe makes it possible to pay on board with a credit card without needing any special instrument other than the smartphone or tablet of the driver.