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of bus charter services

As a buyer your goal is to find and make happy new passengers. Sengerio helps you concentrate on them and have fewer concerns about managing all of your vendors. You will quickly find out how easy and fast it is to work with Sengerio.

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Some powerful features of Sengerio for buyers

  • Connect with transport companies
  • Make quotation request
  • Assign bookings to suppliers
  • Share driver information
  • System of messaging with suppliers
  • Manage the trip assistants
  • See the driver tracking

You’ve been good, your agency is doing well and you have a list of trusted suppliers to assign trips. Good job.

But you can never stop pursuing new customers. Communicating with suppliers is a wasteful job, without the certainty of getting the answers at the right time, and business management is all over your shoulders.

There is so much for you to do.

Make your life simpler and aim high

It would be great to have a software built around your personal needs.

You could concentrate on the aspects of your work that you love the most, stress-free. Don’t sweat while trying to figure out which of your suppliers might or may not do a job. You can easily manage transfers and their assistants. You could meet many more customers in much less time, and your earnings would receive an amazing boost upwards.

Now let go of the hypothesis, with Sengerio you can already do all this, and even more.

Saving is the first source of earnings

Travel Agency - Saving is the first source of earningsTo increase your business and your earnings, you first need to make the work method you are using right now more efficient. You have to rely on a reliable and complete system that will allow you to do everything you need in the best possible way without unnecessary waste of time.

We built Sengerio to meet these needs, and those you have not yet thought about. You will be able to leave Excel sheets and tables hanging on the wall, the work of all your staff will be synchronized and always kept up to date. You will be able to communicate with your providers in real time and it will be faster and clearer. You will soon find out how much time you will have available to your customers.

“With Sengerio you will be able to leave Excel sheets and tables hanging on the wall”

So, how does Sengerio do all this for you?

Sengerio is not the magic wand that will solve all your problems. You will still have to wake up in the morning and go to work. But you can do it with a smile on your face and without the stress you feel today.

With Sengerio you can manage and expand your current supplier network by looking for new ones on the map. Suppliers with whom you can easily communicate at any time directly in Sengerio, just email. Schedule all trips from the Agenda, always synchronized between you and your employees, and manage the assistants with a couple of clicks.

Sengerio gives you all this because we worked thinking about you.

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“If you are tired of writing your inquiries to suppliers, then go to Sengerio”

If you are frustrated by the inefficiency of the workflow you are currently using, tired of writing your inquiries to suppliers, or you just wished it was all as easy as it should be, then what you have to do is go to Sengerio.

If you have any questions or concerns contact us by email or try Sengerio immediately free without any obligation to pay.

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