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Manzanita Works

How A Bay-Area Nonprofit Is Transporting Essential Workers

After supporting essential workers during the pandemic, Manzanita Works continues their ‘Essential Express’ program to provide long-haul transit for essential and returning workers to help employers navigate an equitable return-to-office. The San Francisco Bay Area has a thriving local economy that continues to expand thanks to its vivacious technology culture.... read more →
Apr 07
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Mar 05

Why People Are (and Aren’t) Choosing to Travel with You

Understanding the neuropsychological mechanisms of the modern passenger and how neuromarketing is reshaping transport businesses. First things first, I have to hold my hands up… I admit that we’ve spent so much time discussing transport solutions and how to improve a company’s operations, that we’ve completely overlooked a fundamental question:... read more →
Feb 23

Welcome to the World of Mobility Management

Discover how mobility is reshaping our networks and changing how we travel towards a sustainable future. Transport and mobility... Is there a difference here and, if so, what is it? From a linguistic perspective, it’s an interesting question and it reflects the nature of how our language is continuously evolving... read more →
Feb 02
Jan 22

Ready. Aim. Restart!

How North America’s largest motorcoach association is firing up the industry. 22 JANUARY 2021— The motorcoach industry is an essential part of the United State’s passenger transport network with motorcoach travel offering a plethora of transport solutions in addition to being the safest and greenest mode of transportation. Motorcoaches provide... read more →
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Nov 04

Driven By Service: An Insight Into Tracoin’s Success

Upgrading an outdated system reinforced how Tracoin provides for one of the world’s largest family-owned companies. From exceptional transportation, dining and accommodation, to unforgettable travel experiences, Tracoin are the service providers for The Travel Corporation Group. In this case study, Sengerio catches up with the General Manager for Transport and... read more →
Oct 20
fleet safety

How to Optimize Fleet Safety and Compliance

The go-to guide for fleet and driver safety in the United States. Whether you’re new to the passenger transportation industry or an industry veteran, ensuring fleet safety and compliance can be a complex process. No matter how fantastic the services you provide are, it is the law to ensure that... read more →
Sep 30
Aug 03

How to Efficiently Enter the Employee Transportation Industry

Businesses need safe and reliable transportation solutions to get their employees back to the workplace. You’ve probably already heard it, but employee transportation is proving to offer exciting prospects for transportation companies. Even despite the pandemic rattling the status quo of the transportation industry this year, we are witnessing transport... read more →
Jul 16

The Winning Mentality of a Professional Driver

Practical driving skills are without doubt a fundamental ability of a professional driver. However, even personal behavior and how the driver relates with passengers are essential components when providing an excellent transport service. During any service, the driver is essentially the representative of the transport company since they are physically... read more →
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Jun 12

The Driving Style of a Professional Driver

How the driver can make a difference in the passenger transport service. Although the law foresees that all drivers must partake in a training course about road regulations and the technical characteristics of vehicles, the professional figure of a highly qualified passenger transport driver has numerous characteristics and skills that... read more →
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Transportation Software and QuickBooks Online Integration

Integration. Simplicity. Success. Presenting the new transportation software integration with QuickBooks Online We integrated QuickBooks’ popular online accounting tools with Sengerio’s exceptional transportation management software to create an even simpler solution for passenger transportation companies. At Sengerio, we work hard to ensure your business runs smoothly. We understand that sometimes... read more →
Dec 06

6 Marketing Tools for the Charter Bus Industry

Empower your transport company with these marketing tools for the bus industry. Follow the customer. If there’s one golden rule for companies in the charter bus industry, this is it. Relying on the old methods of reaching customers and connecting with them is no longer an option. You have to be... read more →
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How to Improve the Driver Recruitment Journey

Simplify the driver recruitment process by learning from a leading recruitment agency. It’s very easy to think of head-hunters as hard-bitten salespeople who take no prisoners in their mission to find the right talent. Working for soulless corporations and drinking far too much caffeine, they do whatever it takes. Fortunately,... read more →
Jul 18
Sep 29
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Be born and prosper for over 40 years

We talked to Business Development Manager Juan Iraola To Create a Case Study On How 'London Travel In' Works. There are not that many transport companies that can trace their roots back over 40 years, but London Travel In has just such a history, thanks to a well-timed business acquisition... read more →
Aug 30
Jun 19

Grow Fast in the Passenger Transportation Industry

Extend your current business in the passenger transportation industry and brand through the affiliates! Growth in the passenger transportation industry can be accomplished in more than one way, but all growth requires acquiring more customers and more vehicles. You can grow internally by purchasing more vehicles and hiring more employees.... read more →
May 25

10 Rules to Grow a Passenger Transportation Company

From 1 to over 150 luxury vehicles in the private transportation industry For the first article of our series on Leadership, we spoke with Gary Bauer, an innovator and leader in the limo, bus charter and private transportation industry. He shared the story of how the passenger transportation company Bauer’s... read more →
Apr 11