Use Sengerio Driver

Learn everything you need to get the most out of Sengerio Driver in just 3 minutes.

Video Transcript

Learn to use Sengerio Driver.

On the, click on “Log in” to reach the log-in screen and enter the access data received by email when your company gave you access.

Your weekly agenda shows all of the assigned tasks, and you can easily understand if there are new updates to read thanks to the blue dot icon and the writing in bold.

At a glance, you can see the start time and place of each shift, and you can check all the information by pressing on it.

If your company entered a collection notice, the first thing shows at the top will be the amount to be collected from the customer.

Make the payment directly by credit card by selecting the “Stripe” option and entering the number and information.

To follow, there is general information, such as the passenger list, accessible by pressing on the number of passenge and the list of all the points of the route with the schedule, place and actual instructions.

You can press on any of these to see how to reach it on the map.

Scrolling more, we arrive at the notes and attachments sections that your office has entered for you.

Good. Now let’s see what you can do on the booking.

In an instant, record any incurred expenses, attaching the photo of the receipt directly.

Use the step tracking to track the various steps of the trip.

Additionally, by pressing on “Ready for the pickup”, the customer will receive an sms containing your position and telephone number.

To enter the information of the actual duration of the shift, click on your name.

To fill in the data automatically, click on Presence start at the moment that you start the service, and on Presence finish at the end.

In a similar way, to register the data of the odometer, click on the license plate of the vehicle and on Odometer.

It is also possible to carry out the inspections on the vehicle, before and after the journey.

Both provide a list of checks, chosen by your company.

For each of them, specify if the result is positive or negative and, if necessary, attach a photo..

At the end of the inspection, press on ‘Continue’ to save.

If you need to refuel during the trip, click on the corresponding on the main screen.

Specify if it is a petrol station or an internal tank, and enter the necessary data.

In case of the service station, you can also attach one or more photos.

From the initial screen, you can also read messages on the company bulletin board, make leave requests and check their status

An accepted request will appear on the Agenda as well as bookings.

Perfect. Now it’s your turn! Log in to Sengerio and take advantage of all of its potential!