Take advantage of all the features of the vehicle

Only 2 minutes are required to know the functionality that Sengerio offers you for your vehicles.

Video Transcript

Let’s look at the features Sengerio offers you to work on your vehicles.

You can characterize each one with lots of information. For example, a photo, or technical data and equipment.

In addition, from the buttons below, you can access some special features.

First, you can see the refuelings made on this vehicle.

These can be registered directly by you, or by your drivers via Sengerio Driver.

In the case of an internal refueling, you must specify the tank which a discharging is automatically recorded.

In addition to refuelings, if your vehicle is out of service, you can insert a downtime, specifying the time and idle location of the vehicle.

Sengerio will consider this vehicle unavailable, so it will not be able to perform any service.

At any time, you can also view or update the archive of all maintenance work done and upload any attached documents.

Finally, you have the option to record all the vehicle due dates. For example, enter the expiry of the insurance, so that it repeats each year.

From 30 days before the expiration date, Sengerio will show you a notification.

If an expiration is particularly important, as in this case, it can be set as blocked. Doing so, Sengerio will not allow the vehicle to be assigned to services that, until you disable it.

In addition, once the annual repetition is set, the due date is automatically reset to the next year.

Perfect. Now that you know the functionality of Sengerio for your vehicles, make the most of it!