Manage your network of suppliers

Only 2 minutes and you will learn how to cooperate best with your suppliers through Sengerio.

Video Transcript

Sengerio provides you with the tools to simplify cooperation with your bus charter and limo service providers, and free you from emails.

Let’s see how to create and expand your network of suppliers.

If you are looking for a particular supplier, type its name in the search field, otherwise enter your area of interest.

Look at the profiles of the companies present.

And invite them to connect.

From the connection tab, you can see the companies with which you are connected in detail, those from which you have received an invitation and last, those you have invited.

Now create your bookings.

Choose the supplier and enter the various data, such as the number of passengers and route information.

If you still do not know which supplier will perform the service, you can also leave the field empty and specify it later.

In this case, access the hire duties tab.

Click on the vehicle icon and on the Suppliers option.

Select one and confirm.

You can also perform the same operation from the Agenda by clicking on the same icon.

If you have a contract with a supplier, Sengerio lets you register vehicles to planning in your personal record.

For vehicles, Sengerio will calculate the availability at the time of the assignment and inform the supplier.

If you need to, you can set manual sharing to the suppliers from the preferences in Agenda.

By doing this, once a service is assigned to a supplier, the name of the latter will be shown in light blue in the Agenda and nothing will be communicated until you share it.

Once a service has been shared, you and the supplier can communicate directly through Sengerio, through the conversation inside the booking.

No one will have to get lost in emails received.

Okay, now it’s up to you. Make use of your network and distribute bookings to your suppliers.