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Take 1 minute to explore the main features of Sengerio.

Video Transcript

There is a lot to see in Sengerio, and a lot you can do.

From the menu on the left, you can browse all the main features.

First, check your bookings and handle each one of them from the Agenda in Sengerio.

Select the time period in which to work.

Assign your vehicles and your drivers and communicate with them by clicking on the dispatch button.

All your resources are always neat and easy to view; whether it’s your business partners, or your drivers, or your vehicles.

In addition to this, Sengerio provides you with all the tools to invoice your bookings, receive payments also by credit card, and keep track of your accounts.

Finally, let Sengerio remember the deadlines for your place, and do not worry any more about forgetting something.

Now it’s your turn. Get in touch with Sengerio and create the perfect working environment for you!