Manage your resources

Learn what you need to begin to best use your resources in this video of a minute and a half.

Video Transcript

Let’s see how to best manage your resources with Sengerio.

From the human resources list, let’s enter a new driver with the Name and the Last Name.

The Driver work title is set by default.

To enable your driver use the Sengerio Driver application from the smartphone or Tablet, click on the check at the bottom.

From this reserved area, the driver will be able to see the services that you will assign, manage the refuelings, and much more.

Everything is updated in real time.

Remember to specify the driver’s email address where the access data will be sent.

You always have the option to enter a photo and record a lot of other information. But for now, the information you entered is enough.

Move to the vehicle list.

And register one.

At the top, enter a code that identifies the vehicle, specify the type, and you are ready to save.

You will be able to complete the other information later, but in the meantime, choose the driver just created as a pre-assigned to this vehicle.

With this done, the coverage of a booking will be faster.

In fact, when assigning the vehicle, the driver is automatically assigned, who will see the job on Sengerio Driver.

Great, now you’re ready to record your resources and manage them best with Sengerio!

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