Manage your network of suppliers

Only 2 minutes and you will learn how to cooperate best with your suppliers through Sengerio.

Video Transcript

Sengerio provides you with the tools to simplify cooperation with your bus charter and limo service providers, and free you from emails.

Let’s see how to create and expand your network of suppliers.

Look for an area of ​​interest on the map.

See profile of companies present and invite them to connect.

From the list of connections, you can see details of invitations received the companies you’re connected to and those you invited to join your network.

Once the connections are created, we see how to take advantage of their potential from the Agenda.

Choose an uncovered booking and click on the vehicle icon.

If you do not yet know who can cover the trip, you can make a quotation request simply by choosing the suppliers you want.

Each one of them can make their own price and you will assign the booking to the one who has made the best one.

Alternatively, by specifying a cost in the booking, you can post a job offer and the cost will be the amount offered as compensation.

It will then be the fastest provider to accept the job, and you do nothing but check the Agenda to know who took it.

Finally, if you already know that one of your suppliers is available, you can select it and click on confirmation to assign the job right away.

In this mechanism, the supplier sees all the requests and offers received in the Job Offer board.

From here you can specify the price for a quotation.

Similarly, your supplier may offer a counter-offer for a job, or take it as it is.

In any case, for any shared booking, the messages exchanged between customer and supplier, and any changes to the trip, are grouped into a conversation in the Message Center of Sengerio.

No one will have to get lost in emails received.

Okay, now it’s up to you. Make use of your network and distribute bookings to your suppliers.

Empower your bus charter and limo company