Configure a rate table

Learn to use Sengerio’s rate tables in just 3 minutes, and save lot of time later.

Video transcript

Let’s see how to configure and use a rate table in Sengerio.

From the list, insert a new one.

First choose a description and specify for which type of vehicle this rate table will be applicable.

Set the period of validity, and start defining the price relative to the transfers.

In the case of a well-defined route, indicate the point, or the area, of departure and arrival, choosing from the ones already defined. Or create new ones.

For example, draw a new area.

Trace the outline on the map and choose an appropriate name.

The tariff that you are creating will be applicable to any place that falls within that area.

Set the price and continue.

Alternatively, you can define a rate per mile.

For example, decide to charge a certain price up to the first 100 miles of the trip, setting also a minimum, and another price for the following miles.

Save your work, and take advantage of it immediately in a new booking.

Enter the data and select the rate table for the transfers.

Given that the departure falls in the area that you have already defined, Sengerio automatically shows the correct price.

By specifying a different destination, the rate table per mile is used and from the details you can see see how the total is calculated.

In addition to the transfers, Sengerio lets you define the prices of your tours.

A tour could be in a half-day, that is of a duration less than six hours, daily, or several days, and you can define prices for each of these types independently.

You are free to choose the elements that compose the price and define each in detail.

For example, the price per mile of the vehicles, and that of the driver’s time.

You can also register a half day tour in a specified area.

It is enough to select it, specifying the miles and hours included in the price, as well as any supplements.

The use of the booking is identical to the previous case, select ‘tour rate table” in the list, and the price is automatically calculated.

If necessary, you always have the option to specify the customers to which this rate table will be reserved.

You can also easily specify the supplements on the rate table prices, in certain time ranges or on certain special days.

For example, a 10% increase over the weekend, or 20% at Christmas.

Superb! Now you know how to set up your customized rate tables in a simple and complete way.

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