Consolidate the procurement of passenger transportation services

Management of the entire procurement process regarding passenger transportation services, ranging from the choice of suppliers to tracking the services.

Access Sengerio Procure

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List of suppliers connected

Look for and choose the best suppliers

By using the Sengerio network, the buyer is free to choose among thousands of transport companies, working with both new suppliers and the usual ones.

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Quotation form

Get more quotations faster and for free

We know that, whenever asking for a price, you want a quick reply. With Sengerio, you can speed up your quotation requests and the supplier’s response time.

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Conversation with a supplier

Free booking platform

From a single platform it is possible to confirm transport services to several companies, whether agreed via quotations or alternative methods.

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Changes detail in conversation

Booking changes and cancellations

After confirming the journey, it’s very common to apply changes to the scheduled service. This has never been easier, all you need to do is edit the booking and the supplier will receive a notification to check the changes and accept or refuse them. All this activity is communicated directly via messages.

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Conversation always available

Communicate with the suppliers for free

Communicating with your suppliers has never been simpler. You can peacefully work without the pressure of feeling like you forgot to reply to important emails, as they will no longer be necessary. No more interruptions to explain the service details over the phone or for any type of negotiation. Everything is resolved through the messaging system of each single booking.

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Share files with the suppliers

Share the travel plan in PDF

Whether you’d like to share the travel plan, the contract or any other file in PDF, you can upload all the files to the booking and then choose the ones you wish to share with the suppliers.

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Add assistants to the trip

Assign travel assistants

Need to assign an assistant to a journey? That’s not a problem. With Sengerio, you can assign assistants directly within the booking and specify all the relevant information of their shift.

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Detail of resources assigned by the supplier

View the details and the resources assigned by a supplier

The supplier is able to share details regarding the type and the license plate of the vehicle, the name and the telephone number of the driver to contact in case of emergencies. Furthermore, if the suppliers want to share all the vehicle information, you can access a wide range of vehicle information, such as insurance details and the expiration date.

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Step tracking of the journey

Track every step of the journey

Follow the route on the map, starting from the driver’s arrival at the pick-up point to where the passengers are to be dropped-off. You’ll have all the information on hand to monitor the quality of the service and to manage any potential quarrels with suppliers.

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Turnover graph


Explore the various procurement data and compare different periods with a graphical display

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Other features of Sengerio’s transport booking and quotation software

Add a second driver

Automatically calculate tax

Quotation requests from your website

Repeat bookings

Profit analysis of the trip

Insert notes for the driver

Confirmation documents in your customer’s language

Send a quotation to a customer with only one click

Manage trip extras

Detailed passenger list

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“The software simplifies and improves the world of the bus charter.”


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a travel agency, will Sengerio work for me?

Of course it will work for you! This is exactly the component that distinguishes Sengerio. In fact, you can easily build a personal network of suppliers to distribute all transfers and tours.

Can I manage the transportation for a large event?

Certainly! Whatever the number of bookings to manage, with Sengerio you keep them in order effortlessly, and pass all of them, or a part of it, to your suppliers. Make your organization scalable.

How much can I expand my transport network in Sengerio?

Connect with whoever you want without worrying. Your network has no limits and you can be as big as you want.

Do my suppliers have to purchase Sengerio to connect?

No, it’s free! Whoever uses Sengerio only to receive services as a supplier can do so in a completely free way without having to buy any license.

Can I publish the services that I have to cover?

Certainly! Use the Sengerio board of job offers. Ask your suppliers for a quotation for a service, or propose a price defined by you to carry out the service.