Consolidate the procurement of passenger transportation services

Management of the entire procurement process regarding passenger transportation services, ranging from the choice of suppliers to tracking the services.

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Request a quote from your suppliers

Request a quote from your suppliers

Getting a quote for your services has never been easier. In no time at all, you can request a quote from multiple vendors without the need for an email or phone call.

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Most competitive offer

Choose the most competitive offer

Check all the quotations received from your suppliers in real time. With Sengerio's complete overview, you're sure to always choose the best price.

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Get quotes quickly

Get quotes quickly

You set the deadline to receive the quote and Sengerio will automatically send reminders to suppliers who do not respond to your request in time.

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Book services to your network of suppliers

Book services to your private network of suppliers

Assign the trip to the supplier with the cheapest offer or based on other criteria. The supplier chosen for the service must always confirm its actual availability manually or automatically.

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Automatic updates

Automatic communication of updates

Any update is automatically communicated to your supplier through a dedicated conversation within the trip. Don't worry about losing any information.

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Invoice in the trip

Receive the invoice directly in the trip

Don't get lost in your email box. As soon as the supplier invoices the service the invoice document is immediately available within the trip.

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Pay with a click

Pay for the service with a click

Your time is precious. Thanks to Sengerio and its integration with Stripe, paying for service is really simple, secure, and most importantly, quick.

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Manage supplier network

Manage your private supplier network

If your suppliers use Sengerio, you can add them to your personalized network. Get their account number, add them to your supplier network with ease and make your job easier.

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Other features of Sengerio’s transport booking and quotation software

Add a second driver

Automatically calculate tax

Quotation requests from your website

Repeat bookings

Profit analysis of the trip

Insert notes for the driver

Confirmation documents in your customer’s language

Send a quotation to a customer with only one click

Manage trip extras

Detailed passenger list

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Tech Talk

“The software simplifies and improves the world of the bus charter.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a travel agency, will Sengerio work for me?

Of course it will work for you! This is exactly the component that distinguishes Sengerio. In fact, you can easily build a personal network of suppliers to distribute all transfers and tours.

Can I manage the transportation for a large event?

Certainly! Whatever the number of bookings to manage, with Sengerio you keep them in order effortlessly, and pass all of them, or a part of it, to your suppliers. Make your organization scalable.

How much can I expand my transport network in Sengerio?

Connect with whoever you want without worrying. Your network has no limits and you can be as big as you want.

Do my suppliers have to purchase Sengerio to connect?

No, it’s free! Whoever uses Sengerio only to receive services as a supplier can do so in a completely free way without having to buy any license.

Can I publish the services that I have to cover?

Certainly! Use the Sengerio board of job offers. Ask your suppliers for a quotation for a service, or propose a price defined by you to carry out the service.