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To access the board, click the icon of the person in the main menu, and then on Board.  If there is a red notification, it means there are post that have not been viewed, and the number inside the red circle indicate how many.

view post on board - menu




Any user in your company who uses the desktop version of Sengerio can insert a post, with any attachments and emoticons, and everyone else can see it in real time.
Your drivers have the possibility to read the posts from the Sengerio Driver application, but not to write them.

view post on board - post example




Every new post appears at the top.  If there are more than one new post, an orange bar appears under the last one, that shows where you had previously read.

view post on board - orange bar




To delete one of your posts, press on the gray x at the right of the insertion date.  You can only delete your own posts.

view post on board - date and time




In the case of a post with an attachment, click on the file (photo or document) to download it.

view post on board - download attachment

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