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Within Sengerio, there are several points in which you can upload files as attachments.

  • within a form, such as an invoice, access by the tab Attachments
    Upload an attachment - Tab
  • in the notes and entered payments in Sengerio, click on Attachments, in grey.
    Upload an attachment - Note




In both cases, the next step is to click on the icon of the light blue folder and select the file from your computer.
To remove any of the documents instead, select the row and click on the trash in the bottom.

Upload an attachment - Grid




If a file has not loaded properly, a red x will be present instead of a green check.
This may be due to a error in loading or to a file being too large (maximum size is 5 MB.)

Upload an attachment - Success



When there is a Public column, it means that when you put the tickĀ in the box, this file will be accessible from others, for example the driver assigned to the booking, or the supplier.




In some lists, like the refuelings, you can access the attachments by clicking the folder icon on the row you want.

Upload an attachment - Grid icon




Then, click on the + to add an attchment.

upload attachment - refueling list




Hover an attachment with the mouse to download it (cloud icon) or delete it (x icon)

upload attachment - icons over

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