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Inside Sengerio, there are many different points where it is necessary to set up a customer or a supplier, for example a quotation or a booking.
To select one, click on the corresponding field.

select customer or supplier - field

At this point, start to write one piece of information of the business partner who you are searching, for example, the name, code or address.

Sengerio will suggest in real time all the business partners whose data corresponds with what you wrote, and you could select one of them with the mouse, or scrolling with the arrow and pressing Enter.

select customer or supplier - autocomplete list

Also, in the case of a customer, if the business partner that you are searching for isn’t yet registered in your Sengerio, you can add it and use it in an instant with a simple click.

select customer or supplier - quick add
select customer or supplier - quick add result

Later you will be able to specify more details in the registry of that customer, which you can access from the list of business partners, or by clicking on the blue arrow beside the name.

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