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In the program there are various fields to select a customer or supplier.  In this guide, we see how to select a customer, but keep in mind that to select a supplier is exactly the same.

Click person icon within the Customer field to open the selection window containing all of your customer.
Find and choose the one that you want.
Alternatively, write the name (or part of the name) of the customer that you want in the field and press TAB.
The system searches all of the clients that contain the name that you wrote.
If there is only one customer with that name, it will be selected automatically without further steps.
If there is more than one, the selection window filters to show only those and not the entire list.

Select a customer or a supplier - Field




If the customer is not in the archive, you can add the customer by clicking the + at the top of the selection window.
Create your new business partner, being careful to define as Customer, or Customer-Supplier and save.

Select a customer or a supplier - Add customer

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