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This is an example of a graph for the Customer turnover.

read customer turnover graph - graph




Every column of the grid below the graph has a precise meaning. Obviously all of the dates are relative to the selected date range.

read customer turnover graph - columns


  • Customer

The customer to which the data refers shown in a certain line.


  • Total percentage

Indicates the weight of a customer in the total volume of the booking of that date range.


  • Bookings turnover

The sum of the values in Total field (in the Prices tab) of all of the bookings (net of vehicle price.)

read customer turnover graph - fields

In the event that a booking (or more than one) straddles the selected period, after dividing it proportional to the duration, only the Total relating to the time that falls within the period is taken.


  • Bookings number

Indicates the number of bookings made for this customer.
If a booking falls completely in the selected period or if it straddles it, it does not make any difference to the count.


  • Bookings average

The average value obtained from Bookings turnover divided by the Bookings Number.


  • Offsite downtime days

The number of days when, after a service for that customer (within 24 hours), is registered an offsite downtime for the assigned vehicle.
The last column is a grouping of three fields regarding the actual mileage of the reservations.
The data shown is useful if you have completed these fields correctly in your bookings.
read customer turnover graph - other columns


  • Total mi

The sum of the actual miles of all the bookings, specified in the information of completed trip.


  • Average mi per booking

It is the average value obtained from dividing the Total miles by the number of bookings (including only those with the actual miles entered).


  • Profitability per mi

The sum of the value in the Total field (of the Price tab) of all bookings, divided by the Total km, taking into account only the bookings where you entered the effective miles.

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