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When you create a booking, you can simply cover it with your resources or choose a supplier that will handle the service. However, in the second case, the supplier may have problems in the last second and refuse the service, or not agree on the proposed price.
There may also be more suppliers available to cover the same booking, but at the same time you do not to miss out phone calls and confirm by email. Be cal, you are in the right place!

Sengerio provides you with a powerful tool for managing your services assigned to suppliers, the Job Offer.

You can publish a Job Offer for the suppliers in two ways:


  • In the Agenda, click on the vehicle icon inside the column of the same name.
    Publish a job offer - Agenda icon


  • In theĀ Booking, click on the vehicle icon inside the Coverage column, in the Hire Duty tab.
    Publish a job offer - Hire duties icon




In the Vehicles availability window, click on Suppliers and select all of the connected suppliers (in green) to whom you want to offer the job. Finally, click on Confirm.

Publish a job offer - Create offer





You can view the status of the publication from the Agenda looking at the Vehicle column.





At the moment that you publish a job offer, the suppliers are advised with a message on Sengerio and an email.

Any supplier who sees the job offer can propose a counter-offer to your price (which you will accept or not), or take the job offer directly.
For more information, see Manage the published job offers.

Keep in mind that the job offer will be cancelled if you assign any vehicle, driver or other supplier.

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