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Messages are used to exchange information about bookings received and assigned with your customers or connected suppliers.

The red circle next to the balloon in the top menu alerts you when there are still unread messages.

Manage messages - menu




Click on the balloon icon to see the latest messages received.
Those you are reading for the first time are highlighted in light blue.

Manage messages - Messages list




Click on any of the messages to open the details of the linked booking and the related conversation.

Manage messages - booking and conversation




To access the list of all received messages, click on Show all.

Manage messages - Show all




To filter the messages in this list, click on the filter button at the top.
You can decide if you want to view All or only those still Unread.

Manage messages - filter




From the complete list, you can also view all the messages sent, simply by selecting the item Sent above.

Manage messages - sent messages

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