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Click on the gear icon in the main menu, then hover the word Users, and click on Configure.

manage user roles - menu




The user’s list shows all of the roles currently available, by default Superuser and Disabled user are there.
Click on any role to show all of the users that fall under that role.

manage user roles - list




To add a role, click on + in the top and on Role.

manage user roles - plus button




Assign a Name to the new role and click on the Save icon to complete the procedure.

manage user roles - form




Change or delete an existing role by right clicking it (or holding, on the tablet) and selecting the corresponding word.
It is not possible to eliminate the role of Superuser and Disabled user, nor a role that contains some users.

manage user roles - contextual menu




To assign a role to a user, drag it in towards the role that you want to assign to it.

manage user roles - change role

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