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This guide describes the Scheduler component. For hire coverage, consult the guide Plan your vehicles’ hire duties.


Go to the calendar icon in the main menu and click on the word Vehicles scheduler.

manage vehicle scheduler - menu




The Scheduler is divided into three zones, which you can modify as you like by dragging the edges.  On the left is the resources zone, where the vehicles are listed.  On the right is the timeline, divided in days and hours, where assigned hires or absences, on hands and other activities in the form of segments appear, whose length is proportional to the duration. Finally, below are all of the hires to cover the selected period.

manage vehicle scheduler - scheduler




If you assigned a color to a vehicle, this appears under the code in the resource zone.  In the same way, if you assigned a color to a booking, this shows under the number among the hires to assign, and under the whole segment of the timeline, as you can see in the picture below.  This helps you a lot to give a special meaning to your bookings!

manage vehicle scheduler - colors




The gear in the upper left is used to manage groups of vehicles.  To change the current group click the blue arrow beside the current one and select the one that you want.

manage vehicle scheduler - group list




Manage the time period using the tools that you see in the picture below.  Use the slider to change the duration of the displayed period, between 1 Day, 3 Days, 7 Days, 14 Days, 21 Days, 28 Days and a solar Month. Use the calendar to choose the exact day on which to start the period and the arrows to scroll to the previous or next one.
On the right, the dates are updated with each change.

manage vehicle scheduler - calendar




Filter the segments of the scheduler to see all of them, or only those of a certain type, selecting the corresponding  word in the field on the upper right, and adjust the zoom of the segment by dragging the slider next to the filter.

manage vehicle scheduler - filter combo




Organize the information on hires to cover in the manner that suits your way of working:  reorder the columns, change the size, and choose what to show or hide.

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