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Manage the Prices on the prices tab inside the booking form.

Manage booking prices - Tab menu




Here you will find all the fields related to the calculation of the total price.
Change any field to recalculate the prices automatically, including the discount and tax fields.


As for the total price, in addiction to changing it manually, you can apply one calculated with the rate table.
Click on Show rate table to see the calculation rules and the details of the amounts.
Click Apply to set the prices defined by the rate table and overwrite any changes.

Manage booking prices - Rate calculator





Choose whether to calculate the price per Vehicle, Seat or Day from the corresponding options. This choice influences the calculation of the Quantity field and therefore, the other results. The quantity is:

  • equal to the number of vehicles, with the Vehicle option
  • equal to the number of passengers with the Seat option
  • equal to the number of days, with the Day ¬†option (indicates in fact, the price, or cost, per day for each vehicle)

Manage booking prices - Price per




If you have additional expenses to add to the booking, click on the pencil icon inside the Expenses field.

Manage booking prices - Expenses




In the grid that is shown, you can manage all of the expenses of the booking.

manage booking prices - expenses-list




By clicking on the arrow button, you can return to the previous view.

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