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Open the Agenda or one of the Schedulers from the calendar icon in the main menu.

manage the operational communications - menu




Select the period to take into consideration and click on the megaphone button.

manage the operational communications - megaphone




Choose one of the three options at the top to print or send driver sheets, supplier sheets or assistant sheets.
Use the Filter on start and finish date if you need to change the period.

manage the operational communications - options




All the hire duties are viewed, grouped by start date.

manage the operational communications - row




Select those that interest you and from the menu at the top, select the option you want from Print, Email and, for the drivers, SMS.
For email and SMS, the recipient will receive a link to the generated document.
Keep in mind that to use the functionality of the SMS, you must have already configured the integration with Twilio.

manage the operational communications - print




The screen is divided into two parts: on the left, you can specify the Language, the Layout and whether or not to show some fields (different depending on whether the recipient is a driver, a supplier or an assistant).
On the right side, you can see a preview of the document.

In the case of email, field TO automatically takes the email address specified in the registration of each driver, supplier or assistant, showing the names.
Similarly, in the case of the SMS, field TO automatically takes the phone number specified in its registration.

manage the operational communications - preview




To control the status of a Dispatch, check the column of the same name.
The empty field means that this dispatch has never been done. If it contains a date and a blue megaphone icon, it indicates that the dispatch was made on that date. The orange megaphone is like the previous one, but specifies that from that date, the hire duty has been changed and the changes have not been communicated.

manage the operational communications - colors




To filter communications based on status (made, not made, and outdated) use the filter in the top right.

manage the operational communications - filter




All of printed or sent communications are saved in archives. To access them, click on Generated Document inside the menu.

manage the operational communications - generated documents




In the list click on the envelope icon to view the sent email text and to follow the events (for example, if it has been delivered or not).

manage the operational communications - track email

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