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Your company can have different contacts.
If you want to register yourself personally in the contacts of your company, click on your image in the upper right corner inside Sengerio.

Manage contacts company - Profile Icon

or on your name in the menu at the left, after clicking on the gear icon.

manage the contacts of your company - menu




In the window, click on the checkbox Show on company page and fill out the phone number and Linkedin contact fields.

Manage contacts company - Show




This done, just save and your information will be shown in your company’s contacts.

Manage contacts company - contacts




It is possible to add to contacts the other users of your company. Click on Users and Configure to access the list of users.

Manage contacts company - users-configure




Double click on a user’s name or right click and select Edit to access his information.

Manage contacts company - user-edit




The window you will see will be identical to the one that contains your personal data.

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