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To manage the numerical series of an invoice, open an invoice in creation, access the list of Series from the same field on the right and click the pencil icon. The same applies for the credit note, the quotation and the booking.

Manage numerical series - Choose serie




In the window, click the + to create a new series, or click on an existing row to modify it.
To create more than one numerical series for the same time period, define a Prefix or Suffix, specific for that series.

Manage numerical series - Window




By default, the filter on the Lock field is active so that the locked series are not shown.

Two years after the referenced period, the series are automatically blocked.


When you use a Series, Sengerio suggests the next number to use. The next time you use the same series, the next number in the sequence will be suggested.

The serial number increase does not occur when, in ‘Issuing a New Invoice,’ you choose a smaller number than the one suggested by Sengerio.

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