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Click on the clock icon in the main menu and then on Human resource due dates.

The number in the red circle indicates the number of coming or past due dates, and there are none, no number shows.

manage human resources due dates - menu




The list is open sorted by the Expire date fieldfiltered to show only the expiries past or in the next 30 days.
The date is colored in red if it is already past, in orange if it is coming, and in black otherwise.

manage human resources due dates - list




Remove the expiration filter by selecting Show all in the options at the top, or put it back by selecting Expired and expiring in the next 30 days (default option.)

manage human resources due dates - list options




Click on the red bell or the orange bell at , the end of every row to remove the notification related to this expiry.
If the expiry is configured to repeat, it will be postponed until the specified time, otherwise it will simply be removed.

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