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A conversation is the list of messages related to a precise booking, exchanged between you and a business partner connected via Sengerio.

To access the detail of a conversation there are several ways:

  • Click on a notification, which you can see by clicking on Pending or Messages.
    Manage a conversation - Pending activities


  • Right-click (or hold, from the tablet) on a booking in the Agenda or Vehicles scheduler and select Conversation to access the conversation related to the specific booking.
    Manage a conversation - Scheduler menu


  • Open a booking and click on the chat icon to access the conversation related to that specific booking.
    Manage a conversation - Booking baloons




Each message, contained within a box, shows the name of the sender or recipient and the date and time of sending.
The one below is an example of a message that comes when the connected customer assigns you a booking.
To accept the assignment click on the green Accept button, to refuse click on the red Refuse button.
Clicking on Accept the booking status will change from Pending to Open.

Manage a conversation - Booking assigned




Any change to the booking made by you or your business partner will trigger a message. Fields marked with a red triangle are those that have been modified.
Manage a conversation - Red triangle




To send a text message at any time, write in the white space below, choose the recipient and click on Send.
Manage a conversation - Send message

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