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To access the list of invoices click on the calculator icon in the main menu and then on Invoices.

Invoices list - Menu




The list displays the invoices to clients.
Click on the blue arrow beside the name of the list to view the supplier invoices.

Invoices list - Tab menu




By default, the invoices displayed are the ones for the current year.
To also see older invoices, slick on the Current year button to remove the filter.  Click it again to reapply the filter.

Invoices list - Current year button




To open an invoice, double click on the corresponding row, click the blue arrow beside the number of the invoice, or right click (or hold, on the tablet) and select Open.

Invoices list - Arrow




The Last document column, hidden by default, lets you see the type and the date of the last document sent or printed for each invoice.

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