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To insert a note, click on the Note button that you find in the Route tab inside the booking.

insert note in booking - button

Write what you want in the text area, with the possibility of using the special tags to improve the style, according to the rules that you can find by clicking on the button with the letter A.

insert note in booking - window and markdown
insert note in booking - markdown result

For simplicity, you can create some recurrent Notes and use them on the button with the box so that by clicking on the title of one of these, its text is immediately copied in the note.

insert note in booking - recurrent note

Specify with whom you want to share this note through the Share button, choosing one or more items from those in the list.

insert note in booking - share

All notes created are reported in a list in the Route tab, indicated by the paragraph icon.

insert note in booking - list

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