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A booking can be closed by the Close button in the menu.
Once done, it will remain in the booking list, but will only be visible by modifying the filter of theĀ Status column, which normally only shows those that are open.
A closed booking can, however, be modified and invoiced normally, same as an open one, and remains visible on the Agenda.

differences between closing cancelling and deleting - status column




A different option, useful in the event that a service is no longer to be performed, perhaps because the customer has cancelled it, is the cancellation.
Just click the Cancel button in the menu and, if you have been allocated resources, they are automatically released.
You can view the cancelled booking on the list by removing the filter from the Cancelled column.
A cancelled booking cannot be modified in any way and is no longer visible in the Agenda, but can still be invoiced.

differences between closing cancelling and deleting - cancelling column




Finally, if you want to delete a booking permanently, click the Delete button in the menu.
Keep in mind that the booking will be removed from the system and will no longer be recoverable in any way.

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