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Click on the calculator icon in the main menu, and then on Statements.

customer period statements - menu






Click on the blue arrow beside the title, and select Customer period statements.

customer period statements - menu item




This list shows the gross amount, the Collected amount and the Unpaid amount for each of your customers in a specific date range.

customer period statements - list




To specify a date range, use the appropriate selection tool beside the name.  Click the grey arrow and choose the period.

customer period statements - period selector




The values Last week and Last month represent the week and the solar month preceding the present moment. If you need to, select Custom date range and specify the dates that you need.
Keep in mind no change is made to the list until you press Apply.

customer period statements - custom period




To generate a statement, double click on a row, click on the blue arrow beside the Customer name, or right click (or hold, on the tablet) and select Generate statement.

The screen is divided in two parts: to the left you can select Language and Layout, specify if you want to print or send the document, and write a custom email text or use the one suggested by Sengerio. Set a Contact from those of the customer to automatically fill in the To field with the email of that contact. Finally, To the right you can see a preview of the document.

customer period statements - print




Below here you can see how the printed statement document looks.  At the top, the logo and the information will be those of your operator.

customer period statements - document




All of the printed or sent documents are saved in the archives.  To access them, click n the Generated documents inside the menu.

customer period statements - generated documents




In the list click on the envelope icon to view the sent email text and to follow the events (for example, if it has been delivered or not).

customer period statements - track emails

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