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To configure your integration with Twilio, click on the gear icon in the main menu and then on Integrations.

configure integration with twilio - menu




Click on Activate to the right of Twilio.

configure integration with twilio - window




With the link, access the Twilio website and register an account.

configure integration with twilio - form




After registering, select Programmable SMS as the choice of the feature you want to use first.

configurate twilio - twilio1




Then follow the instructions to acquire a phone number.

configurate twilio - twilio2




If the number suggested automatically by Twilio meets your needs you can accept it, but if not, or if you just want to be surer of the configuration, click on Search for a different number.

configurate twilio - twilio3




Select at least SMS among the features you want on this number, search for it according to your needs, and complete the transaction.

configurate twilio - twilio4




Continue to follow the instructions trying to send a text message from the number you purchased.

configurate twilio - twilio6




If the account verification is missing, follow the link provided by Twilio to get to the verification window.

configurate twilio - twilio7




Finally, collect the necessary information to enter in Sengerio, i.e., in addition to the number just purchased, the Account SID and the Auth token, which you can find in the settings of your account.
Enter the data in the integration window on Sengerio and save.

configurate twilio - api-api




One of the features allowed by Twilio in Sengerio, is to automatically send, to the passenger of a booking, an SMS when the driver presses the Ready for pickup button in the Sengerio Driver step tracking.
To do this you need to register the passenger’s phone number in the Telephone field, under Group Leader, in the booking form.
In the same way, it is necessary to record the driver’s telephone number in his form, and both must bear the international code.

If you need to change the Twilio configuration later, open the Sengerio integration window, click on the gear icon and select Show.
To disable the integration instead, click on Deactivate.

configure integration with twilio - update data

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