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There are two ways to print or email a booking document:

  • click on the Print or send  menu item from within a specific reservation

Bookings recap - Menu


  • select one or more bookings from the bookings list and click on the Recap button (only for bookings to customers)

Bookings recap - Button




By clicking on the Customer recap button, within the Agenda or Scheduler menu, go to the list of customer bookings filtered for the time range displayed opted at that time, and then proceed the same way

Bookings recap - Agenda button




The screen is divided in two parts: to the left you can choose the Document Title (Confirm, Summary, Change or Cancel), Language, Layout, whether or not to show some fields (from the button Other options) and write a custom email text and subject or use the one suggested by Sengerio. To the right you can see a preview of the document. Finally click the button Send at the top.

bookings recap - email preview




All printed or sent documents are saved in the archive. Log on to a booking and click on the menu item Printed or Sent Documents  to see the specific reservation.

Bookings recap - Printed or sent documents




In the list click on the envelope icon to view the sent email text and to follow the events (for example, if it has been delivered or not).

Bookings recap - Email track

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