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Access the data of booking that interests you, click on the arrow besides the Prices tab and select Analysis.

Booking profit analysis - Tab




A complete analysis is possible after entering the completed trip information (presence of the drivers and actual mileage of the vehicles) and after having configured the variable costs of the booking (hourly cost of the driver and kilometer cost of the vehicle).

For each Driver assigned to the booking are indicated: the variation of the actual hire duration compared to the expected one, and the variation of the cost compared to the expected one.

Booking profit analysis - Driver




The Vehicle part shows the total miles traveled for all vehicles, with the respective variations of the mi and the cost.

Booking profit analysis - Vehicle




Below is the list of all the Incurred expenses. The expected cost is equal to the amount of the Additional charge that you associated with the Incurred expenses.
As in the previous cases, the variation with respect to the expected costs is also reported.

Booking profit analysis - Expenses




Lastly, the Profit shows the difference between the expected profit and the actual profit.
The expected profit is the difference between the price and the cost of the trip.
The actual profit is the difference between the expected profit and the total cost variation.

Booking profit analysis - Total

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