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List of quotations

Access the list of quotations by clicking on the street icon in the main menu and then on Quotations.  ...
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Create a quotation

To create a new quotation, click on the + button from the quotations list.       Enter at least...
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Manage requests from site

Click on the road icon in the main menu and then on Requests from site. The number in the red...
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Confirm a quotation

To confirm a quotation, and create a booking, click on Confirm in the menu inside it.        ...
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Close a quotation

To close a quotation, click on Close in the menu inside it.       A closed quotation cannot be...
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Quotation for a return trip

To create a quotation for a return trip, click on Return in the menu inside the quotation.      ...
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Duplicate a quotation

To duplicate a booking, click on Duplicate in the menu inside it.       The date and hour to...
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Create an option for a trip

To create an option for a trip, create a quotation or open an already existing one and select the Other...
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Recap of quotations

To print or send an existing quotation document by email, there are two ways: click on the menu item Print...
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