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List of invoices

To access the list of invoices click on the calculator icon in the main menu and then on Invoices.  ...
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Create an invoice

From the list of invoices, click the + button to create a new invoice. The invoice that you create is...
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Create a pro forma invoice

The Pro Forma invoice is the document that you can issue to ask for advance payment for the confirmation of...
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Organize invoice rows

To change invoice rows, access your information and select the tab Invoice rows. To add a row manually, click on...
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Manage invoice payments

Access the data of an invoice, select the tab Invoice Rows, and scroll down. There are three buttons in the...
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Duplicate an invoice

To duplicate a customer invoice, click on the word Duplicate in the menu inside it. If the invoice contains one or...
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Print or send invoices

To print or send an invoice document by email, click on the word in the menu, Print or send, from...
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List of payments

To access the list of payments, click on the calculator icon in the main menu, and then on Payments.  ...
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Create an advance invoice

Create the Advance Invoice to collect a deposit on the booking. To issue the advance invoice for a single booking,...
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