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List of bookings

Access the list of bookings by clicking the street icon in the main menu and then on Bookings.    ...
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Create a booking

To create a new booking, click on the + button in the list of bookings. The images in this guide...
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Cancel a booking

To cancel a booking, click on Cancel in the menu inside the booking.       The booking will automatically be closed,...
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Insert a note in a booking

To insert a note, click on the Note button that you find in the Route tab inside the booking. Write...
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View step tracking

Access the Hire duties tab in your booking and view the map by scrolling down. Each time a driver uses the...
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Use the passengers list

Access the tab Passengers list inside the booking. To add a passenger, click on the + button and fill in...
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Bookings recap

There are two ways to print or email a booking document: click on the Print or send  menu item from...
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History of a booking

To see who modified a specific field and when, click on the item Show History in the menu inside the...
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Close a booking

To close a booking, click on Close in the menu inside.         The status of the booking...
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Duplicate a booking

To duplicate a booking, click on Duplicate on the menu inside it.       The date and hour of...
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Repeat a booking

You can repeat a booking as often as you like in a few simple steps. First, click Repeat from the menu...
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