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Read the Sengerio news

Every time you access the software, the first page that you see is News.  This way, you can always see...
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Manage numerical series

To manage the numerical series of an invoice, open an invoice in creation, access the list of Series from the same field...
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Use the filters on the lists

To filter the values of a list, relative to one or more specific fields, hover the mouse on the heading...
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Sort data in a list

To sort a list for a specific column, click on its heading and the sort is automatically applied.  To alternate between...
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Manage pages of a list

To change the number of visible elements in a list or to scroll through the various pages, use the page...
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Upload an attachment

Within Sengerio, there are several points in which you can upload files as attachments. within a form, such as an...
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Manage privileges

To modify privileges in the various points of the software, you must be a user of type Superuser. Go to the...
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Manage list columns

To change the position of a column, drag it by the heading and place it where you prefer with respect...
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Update a form or list

To update a form, such as a booking, or a list, go to its menu and click on the word...
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Restore default settings

To restore default settings for a specific grid, access its menu and select the word Default Settings. The column order, size...
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Recover lost password

If you forgot the password, you can ask Sengerio for a new one. Click on the Forgotten password? link on...
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Keyboard shortcuts

Sengerio supplies some keyboard shortcuts to perform certain actions.       Save Instead of clicking on the save button,...
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