Instantly accept credit card payments online
with Sengerio

Stop waiting for payments and get transport payment software . With Sengerio, you will avoid wasting time
by not having to chase your clients for days.

Access Sengerio Invoices

Have the driver collect payments

Send your drive a notice to collect payments through the app. When the customer pays, you will immediately see it recorded in the booking.

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transport payment software - Have the driver collect payment
transport payment softwar - Keep track of payments

Keep track of payments

With Sengerio, avoid unnecessary complications. Payments already recorded in the booking are applied immediately to your invoice, without having to waste time rewriting them.

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Get paid by credit card

Save time and money. Thanks to integration with Stripe, both you and your drivers can make you pay immediately with credit card, without the need for any additional equipment.

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transport payment software - Get paid by credit card
transport payment software- Simplify your life and your customer’s

Simplify your life and your customer’s

Create a payment request and send the invoice to your customer. They could pay you with their credit card directly from the email, wherever they are.

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More tools to collect your payments

  • Payments by credit card without POS
  • Accept American Express, VISA and MasterCard
  • Secure integration with Stripe
  • Payment directly to the driver
  • Breakdown of payment over multiple bills
  • Automatic registration of transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a payment online by email?

Absolutely. You can always add a payment request when you issue the invoice. When sending an email, your customer will see the “Pay with card” button on your document, they then must enter their credit card details.

Are the online payments secure?

You can feel safe. Sengerio does not store any of your sensitive data, and assures you of PCI-DSS compliance of the payments by integrating with the services of Stripe.

Can I alert the driver to collect payment on board?

Absolutely. Enter a driver collection notice in any booking and specify the amount to collect. The assigned driver will immediately know how much to collect and he can register the payment on his smartphone.

Do I need a POS to accept credit card payments?

Through the Stripe service, Sengerio lets you receive credit card payments without the need for any additional equipment.